Royal Nano HB8 is a powerful and well-known brand. It is about health and beauty, the two most important vision of people after money. Health and Beauty always comes with a smile. There is a lot of company providing beauty product. But Nano HB8 has its own vision. Our vision statement goes beyond beauty. It is to spread the power of earning thru beauty. The mission is perhaps create and include Asian rooted value and delivers the concept to the countries that accepting our core value with super dynamic training programs and ideas with strong management, marketing and training team.

Nano Technology

We encourage and support the pursuit the more technological excellence and future ideas of beauty concept and to absorb any latest technology to enhance our product quality. Our mission includes enrich our members to contribute a wealthier and healthier family concept by increasing their house hold income minimum of $ 3,000 from our business.


Our basic aim is Complete Customer Satisfaction. With our superior information technology and business solutions we intend to improve the productivity of your MLM business.

To nurture and help clients grow, use and apply the advice and guidance provided by us for the.

Benefits of their business.

We would like to simplify the functioning and working of MLM business and highlights its benefits in common man's life.

Our management team is entirely dedicated and passionate about MLM industry, we want to make the business more affordable and uncomplicated.


To re-define the network market in Malaysia and abroad by setting new standards for both our company along with our clients.

To provide clients the best opportunity to grow with us, through our outstanding IT solution and quality products and services